HID Installation

HID lights

Best Price, Best Quality, And Best HID Installation

Do you wish you had brighter headlights? Stop struggling to see and start illuminating the area around you when you come to JL Sound. 

We have High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for sale at great prices. We both sell and install custom HID lights for any type of auto. Contact us today at 619-407-4340 to learn more!

Why You Need HID Lights?

When it comes to seeing at night, you're going to love High-Intensity Discharge lights. They're made with a special technology that combines xenon gas with an electrical arc to produce a bolder, brighter, and more efficient headlight. Your standard halogen lights have nothing on HID lights in terms of brightness and distance.

Did you know that your HID light color depends on the temperature? The higher temperature you choose, the more blue/violet your light will be. HID headlamps, also known as xenon headlamps, can provide 3 times the lumen output of a halogen headlight bulb.
Hid lights

Switch To Custom HIDs

Ready to see the light and convert to HID lights? It's simpler than you think. All you need to do is visit our shop, JL Sound, and pick up a HID conversion kit for your vehicle. 

If you need help finding the right HID bulb for your ride, ask one of our experienced team members to help! We're glad to assist with any auto audio service question or concern you might have.
Call the professionals at JL Sound 
to install HID lights on your 
vehicle today!


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